Crags and a Crescent Moon Gust of WindMothMeabhBlackford ForestMoth Specimens Arthur's Seat EmilyFloral and InsectsFerry from Adrossan HarborBumble Bee and MilkLindseyGoat Fell Mountain Roe Deer SkullNew Peaches Snail PortraitTea Pot and Red Currants Forest on Isle of ArranRachelMagpie Feather
The Alba Series
In December 2008 I moved from the United States to Edinburgh, Scotland. This was the first time I had ever left the USA. This huge geographical move along with the adjustment process to a new culture had a profound effect on me. The photographs I produced during my two-year stay are a reflection of my experiences and psychological reactions to this new environment.

This series is particularly influenced by the sense of time I felt while living in Scotland. Edinburgh is an ancient city; there are buildings standing in the city's center that pre-date the discovery of America. The past weighs very heavily on the present there. As an American living in a place where the past is so tangible, I felt as though my previous sense of time was very limited and naive. While living in Edinburgh I truly understood for the first time the youth of the United States.

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